About Me

Hi! I’m Michelle

Hello, world travelers! I’m Michelle.

Hailing from the southern US, my heart has always been drawn to the vibrant cultures, pristine beaches, and rich histories of the Western Caribbean and Mexico. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in these regions multiple times, each visit deepening my love and understanding of these beautiful destinations.

Why Caribbean Chronicles Exists

My passion for the Western Caribbean and Mexico isn’t just about the destinations themselves, but the experiences they offer. From luxurious cruises that glide through azure waters to all-inclusive resorts that pamper every sense, from ancient Mayan ruins whispering tales of yesteryears to bustling local markets alive with color and sound – I’ve experienced it all and am eager to share it with you. Caribbean Chronicles is my canvas where I paint my adventures, hoping to inspire and guide fellow American women travelers.

A Few Things About Me:

  1. I’ve set foot on countless cruises and all-inclusive resorts across the Western Caribbean and Mexico.
  2. My favorite historical site is the ancient city of Tulum.
  3. I always pack my trusty sun hat on every trip.
  4. My most cherished memory was swimming with dolphins in Cozumel.
  5. When I’m not exploring, I’m planning my next adventure or reading travel memoirs.

What Awaits You on Caribbean Chronicles

  • In-Depth Travel Guides: Navigate the best of what the Western Caribbean and Mexico have to offer, from Cancun’s nightlife to Belize’s Barrier Reef.
  • Cruise & Resort Reviews: Get the inside scoop on the best cruises and resorts, ensuring your next trip is nothing short of spectacular.
  • Historical Deep Dives: Journey back in time as I unravel the stories behind the region’s most iconic historical sites.
  • Travel Tips Tailored for Women: As a fellow American woman traveler, I share tips and insights that cater specifically to our unique travel needs.

Stay Connected!

Your thoughts and stories mean the world to me! If you have questions, want to share your own Western Caribbean and Mexico tales, or simply wish to chat, reach out here. Also, stay updated with my latest escapades by following me on my social media channels.

I’m excited you are joining me on this exciting journey. Here’s to creating memories that last a lifetime!